The effective drug Vuka active is intended for use by the male half of society. The drug is made from natural ingredients, including vitamins and minerals.

The drug contains zinc, selenium, pteroylglutamic acid and other beneficial substances. This dietary supplement is used to increase the potency and duration of sexual intercourse.

In addition, indications for the use of the drug are:

  1. Age-related erectile dysfunction.
  2. Nervous disorders.
  3. Dysfunction of erotically sensitive areas.
  4. Decreased metabolism.
  5. Weak immune system.

After using the drug, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis occurs, due to which its firmness and elasticity is achieved. Blood flows intensively to the walls of the arteries of the genital organ, due to this, an erection occurs.

In addition to the main action, the drug Vuka Active, according to the instructions for use, affects the human nervous system. This is manifested in the following: general relaxation and tranquility.

The drug is not addictive and is considered reliable for older men.

How to use

This agent is not a drug and is used as a dietary supplement as a source of saponins and tannins. To use the product, you need to make sure that there is no allergy to the components of the dietary supplement before use. If there are any side effects from the drug, you must stop taking it.

The maximum daily dose of the drug is equal to two tablets taken with meals. The therapeutic course lasts 30 days.

Side effects after taking the drug are rare. But still the risk of their manifestation is possible, since the substances that make up the product are unusual for our environment.


Main advantages:

  • The agent does not accumulate in the organs;
  • Quickly absorbed after ingestion;
  • Tones up the genitourinary system;
  • Eliminates the inflammatory process in the injectable equipoise and side effects as the main muscle prostate;
  • Eliminates asthenia and apathy;
  • Promotes a man’s well-being.

Release form and composition

This tool is produced in the form of capsules with a shell. The drug is divided into 2 parts. One half of the capsule is white and the other green. The dose at a time should be 0.5 g. The dietary supplement package includes 60 pieces.

Useful composition:

  • aspartic acid;
  • tincture of mountain goat bark, large-cup;
  • infusion of coleus;
  • tocopherol;
  • Selenovit-S;
  • B vitamins;
  • zinc;
  • folic acid;
  • lactic acid.

With this composition, Vuka active can be used with small amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Interaction with other medications

The use of “vuka” is possible with any drugs and active substances. However, it is not recommended to combine dietary supplements with similar drugs that are used to increase potency. This drug can be used to treat chronic prostatitis, pathologies of the cardiovascular, genitourinary and nervous systems.

Alcoholic drinks

The remedy can be compared to herbal preparations sold at the pharmacy. Namely, on the basis of the composition, we can say that the combination of Vuka-Active with alcohol is possible.

However, if you look at this from a different anadrol for sale in uk why is it so relevant among supplements angle, the compatibility of alcoholic beverages with dietary supplements cannot be fully considered justified. This tool is responsible for the normal functioning of the reproductive organs and the entire reproductive system as a whole. At the same time, alcohol has the opposite effect, that is, it inhibits the functioning of the genital area, and if you abuse these drinks, then a complete shutdown of male function is possible.

Side effects and contraindications.

Some restrictions on use are standard. The remedy is contraindicated in the presence of allergies to the components of a dietary supplement, as well as abnormal development of the external genital organ.

The use of dietary supplements is not intended for women and children.

The following side effects may develop:

Symptoms of intoxication, manifested in a deterioration in health, lack of sleep, nausea and even vomiting.

Also this:

  • Diarrhea or constipation;
  • Headache;
  • Skin rash;
  • Hot flashes.

In case of an overdose of the drug, it is necessary to flush the stomach.

Storage conditions and periods

The medication must be stored in a dry place that is well ventilated. You should also place human growth hormone dose the social networks of the dietary supplement in a closed place where children cannot reach it. The optimum storage temperature is +25 degrees.

The shelf life of the drug is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

To preserve the active substances of the product, it is necessary to leave the capsules in a sealed package.

Analogs that can be purchased in Russian pharmacies:

Furunbao Super – used with reduced potency. The drug is made on the basis of natural substances. This dietary supplement does not cause side effects and is safe even with prolonged use.

– differs in composition and form of release. The action is similar.

The Bad manufacturer produces funds with similar names.

How does Vuka Vuka and Vuka Energy differ from Vuka Active?

The first supplement is used to gradually restore the reduced potency. In addition, the dietary supplement does not cause an erection. No significant changes can be achieved in one dose of the medicine. The manufacturers of the drug indicate in the instructions that after 30 days of taking it, the erection dysfunction will disappear.

The second drug is from the same manufacturer. It is used to increase potency, made in the form of capsules, which also include natural ingredients.

“Vuka active” – ​​the difference between the composition:

• guarana infusion;

instructions reviews

• cola nuts;

• yeast;

• ginseng rhizomes;

• lycopene;

• multivitamin complex.

Guarana contains caffeine, and ginseng rhizomes anastrozole half life as a sensation in the world online contain panaxosides. These elements contribute to an increase in physical and nervous activity. They can sometimes stimulate sexual arousal.

What’s better?

Supplements do not act on the causes of male dysfunction. In case of violations, it is advisable to visit a doctor to select a really effective.

A well-known dietary supplement for men of plant origin – “ Assets“.

The contents of the capsule are as follows:

  • aspartic acid;
  • mountain goat’s roots;
  • coleus forskolia;
  • resveratrol;
  • Selenovite;
  • lycopene;
  • vitamin complex,
  • Mg.

The content of dietary supplements is very different from previous products. It does not include substances with a stimulating effect, which, of course, will not in any way affect the restoration of sexual functions.

The opinion of specialists and patients

The opinions of doctors and men who used the medicine differ.

Medical experts believe that no dietary supplement can significantly affect an erection. Probably, they have a positive effect on male potency due to the general tonic effect.

Reviews of men are mostly positive. “For me, such complex drugs are beneficial,” notes one of the patients. The male half of society prefers dietary supplements. They believe that it is better to use natural ingredients than chemical medicines.


Unfortunately, this value fades away during the aging process. Most often, men face reproductive health problems.

increase potency

Pathologies such as erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, reduced potency and impotence are becoming widespread.

In this case, dietary supplements are of great help. Vuka food additives are considered the most common. Their cost is different and depends on the number of tablets in the package.

The difference in cost: